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    The Brand Ambassador Program is an exciting part of The Posh Pony. An important aspect of our business is working with a group of Ambassadors that want to help us represent and expand our horse related products. Below you will find an outline of what we are looking for in our Brand Ambassadors and the perks you will receive by being apart of our brand family!


    Expectations & Responsibilities of our Brand Ambassadors:

          • Personally follow The Posh Pony on all relevant forms of social media (Instagram and or Facebook).
          • Post or Share our products on your social media, this can be images you have taken of The Posh Pony products you have or posts that The Posh Pony has posted on Instagram.
          • *** It is strictly prohibited to use images (photography/video) in any way on social media that is watermarked or owned by another photographer unless it has been purchased or been granted to be used by the owner (photographer).***
          • Represent The Posh Pony in a professional manner (both online and in-person) at all times.
          • Promote The Posh Pony at horse shows, clinics, and events to potential customers.
          • Report immediately if you experience any negative comments/advertising/posts about The Posh Pony or your relationship with The Posh Pony.



    Brand Ambassadors are not considered to be “employed” or “employees” of The Posh Pony and therefore are not entitled to receive any monetary compensation, salary, wages, group or employee benefits.


    Brand Ambassadors agree NOT to sell/re-sell The Posh Pony products to anyone unless they have been given direct consent to do so.


    WE DO NOT TOLERATE ANY BRAND AMBASSADORS STEALING OUR PATTERNS/DESIGNS AND RESELLING THEM AS THEIR OWN. This will result in immediate termination of you Brand Ambassador contract with The Posh Pony


    Please make sure before you apply for a spot in our Brand Ambassador Program that you have read and understand all the expectations and responsibilities. We have the right to terminate your spot in the program if you DO NOT abide by or refuse to follow our program guidelines. In the form section of the application put the word Pony in to show you have read through the requirements.


    The Posh Pony Brand Ambassador Perks/Benefits:

        • Personal Code to give out to family/friends/potential customers that gives them a discount when they use it.
        • Ambassador Code to use to get a discount personally.
        • Access to the points system to trade in/use points towards prizes.
        • Mentions on our Instagram.
        • Access to exclusive gear
        • Being apart of a up-in-coming equestrian brand